Hi everyone,

Two years ago, I started to build a community, with the goal in mind to spread awareness about cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, but also to teach the masses about the basics of trading. 

This community became big quite fast and learned a lot quickly. Therefore, I started to hire analysts and teachers and with us all, we have cumulated more than 20 years of experience in trading, forex, stocks and cryptocurrencies. 

But, we realised one important thing: people don’t always have time for their passions, for what really drives them, so we had to come with a new solution to make them, you, able to learn but in a lighter way, without having to spend all your day reading lessons.

That solution is our new membership plan: using this platform, we will be able to give you market updates, lessons and tips directly in your inbox or on this page. Giving you only what matters the most to you!

We are offering you all our knowledge, in the form of 3 updates per week, covering lessons, market analysis, and press review.

By joining us, you will profit from an expert team, providing you with clear and simple analysis and news breakdowns.

Thank you very much for being part of this and build global awareness, step by step.

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